Create and edit user roles

[Stack-Menu > System > User administration > User roles]

A user role consists of several privileges which are typically issued together. A user can have several user roles and have several roles in various hotels.

Privileges are individual rights used for reading, altering and deleting data.

Let's get started!

Log into your protel Air hotel software and select the suitable hotel (if there is more than one).

Open the stack menu and click on System > User administration > User roles.

 A window opens containing an overview of all of the user roles.

You can either use the predefined protel rolls or use a hotel-specific role. The following roles are relevant for protel Air:

These roles are default roles which cannot be changed! Clicking on the Info icon enables you to see which privileges are connected to the individual roles.


Figure: Display of privileges linked to a role.

Adding hotel-specific user roles

If you would like to set up a user role for your hotel or your hotel group, click on   [Add] located in: (stack menu > System > User administration > User roles).

The window for adding user roles opens.

In the General tab, enter the name and a short description for the new user role.

Figure: Stack menu > System > User administration > User roles > [Add]

Then, switch to the Rights tab. Please select the Customer level (being a protel Air user, this is the only level available to you. There are other levels with additional permissions to which only protel support and protel business partners have access.

Figure: Stack menu > System > User administration > User roles > [Add]

Rights: Customer level

You will then receive a listing of the available rights.


Figure: Stack menu > System > User administration > User roles > [Add]

Rights: Customer level - Available rights

Click on the symbol located to the left next to the description of the rights to open the individual privileges.

When you select a privilege, you will see a description of the privilege to the right of the window - see next figure.

Figure: View privilege description

You can either assign entire files containing all of the privileges, or select them individually:

To do so, select a file or a subordinate privilege and click on the green plus sign .

The selection is adopted in the Assigned rights column in the middle.

Assigning is made even easier with the Drag & Drop function:

Select a file or privilege and drag it to the middle column by keeping your mouse key depressed.

Suggested procedure:

To keep things easy, assign an entire file and remove the individual privileges by clicking on the red minus sign or use the mouse to drag the privilege to the left.

You will notice that the total number of privileges which have been assigned is displayed next to the file:

Once you have assigned all of the desired rights, click on the [Save] button in the lower right section of the dialog box.

The new user roles appear in the overview. Unlike with pre-configured roles, the hotel-specific role is located in the Hotel column showing for which hotel or hotel group the role is available (see next figure):

The new user role is always assigned to the hotel or the hotel group you selected in the HTML5 client (see the section above about Selecting hotel). Therefore it is recommended that you pay attention to which hotel is selected in the upper right corner of the browser when applying new roles.

HINT: The search function!

You can explicitly search for certain privileges.

Enter a word into the search field, such as "Cancel".

You will then be shown all of the files which contain the privilege that matches the search word you entered.

Open the file by clicking on the plus sign and you will be shown the privileges (for the available and assigned rights).

Editing hotel-specific user roles

Hotel specific user roles (i.e., internally generated) can be subsequently edited.

Select the role in the Manage user roles (Stack-Menü > System > User administration > User roles) and click on [Edit].

Assign rights

To assign a new right, open the relevant role, select the right in the Available Rights column on the left, and Drag & Drag & Drop it to the Assigned rights column in the middle.


  1. Select the role in the Manage user roles (Stack-Menu   > System > User administration > User roles) and click on [Edit].
    The Edit user role window opens.

  2. Once you are in the role, click on the Rights tab.

In the left part of the window you will see all of the available rights and in the middle of the window all of the assigned rights.

  1. Enter the name of the right that you would like to assign into the search field - the example in the following figure shows the search for the "ConfidentialRate" right.

It is also possible to enter parts of the name.

  1. Then, on the left side of the window, all groups that contain a right that corresponds to the entered search term appear.

  2. Open the respective group by clicking on the little gray [+] symbol located in front of each group.

  1. Select the right and click on the green plus sign to add the role.
    Or Drag & Drop the right from the Available rights (left) column into the Assigned rights column (right).

  1. Clear the search field to see all of the rights which have been assigned to the user role.

Assign rights

To assign a right, select it in the Available rights column and Drag & Drop it into the Assigned rights column in the middle.

Remove assigned rights

To remove a right, you will need to select it in the Assigned rights column and use Drag & Drop to pull it to the Available rights column to the left.

The privilege change has an effect on all of the users working with the privilege!