The protel Air context menu

Whatever you need to do, the context menu will support you!

The context menu can be accessed for individual dialog elements and offers you many functions which are specially linked with this dialog element.

Access context menu

With the right mouse button, click on a dialog element (e.g., a reservation in the arrivals list).

Figure: Accessing context menu in the arrivals list.

Unavailable actions are greyed out. Clicking on these are without effect.

After executing an action, the context menu automatically closes.

If you want to close the context menu without executing an action, click on your screen somewhere  outside of the context menu.

From which dialog boxes can I access the context menu?

The context menu can be called up in the room plan, in an opened list or in a table. The context menu appears as soon as you make a right mouse click in the dialog element.

Wherever you are in the program, the Actions menu gives you a clearly structured overview of all available functions.