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The following tutorial introduces you to protel Air's active lists and how you can configure them to meet the needs of your hotel.


All active lists in protel Air are structured in the same way.

To the left you can see a title bar with all of the available lists. You can access a list and switch between the lists by clicking it in the title bar.

The width of the title bar can be changed arbitrarily. Move your cursor across the right edge of the title bar until the cursor turns into two arrows . To change the size of the window, keep the mouse button depressed and pull the edge to the right or left. If you double click the two arrows, the columns width automatically adjusts itself to the contents.

Contents and appearance can be customized by means of the filter functions and column settings.

The result table is located at the center of the window.

Quick access

By means of the quick access bar in the upper left, you can search for a certain list. Just enter the name of the tab and protel will display appropriate results:

Refresh display

As soon as you change filter criteria in a list, you will have to refresh the display.

Setting filters

[Active lists > Structure > Filter functions located in the upper part of the window]

If you would like to edit or view an existing reservation, you will need to know the quickest method of finding the respective reservation in the system. If you know the Arrival date, you will need to search in the arrivals list. If the guest has already checked in, select the In-house list. We recommend searching in the reservation list, because this is where you can generally search for every reservation in the system.

In order to quickly come to a result, it is recommended that you use a respective Filter for the search. The filters help you strategically limit the search for each list. Filter functions may vary from list to list.

Figure: All of the functions in the reservation list


Remember: When setting a filter, hit the <Enter> key afterwards or click on the magnifying glass located to the top right of the window to refresh the display.


Here you will find a model description of the filter functions in the reservation list:


When opening the lists, they are set to the current date by default. Of course, you can also change the date or duration of stay by simply overwriting the date in the entry field (From:/To:) or by selecting a different date using the calendar function.

Period: Looks for reservations within the provided searches for reservations made within the given duration.

Option until: Searches for optional reservations whose option limit expires on the entered date. Enter the option until and select the “Optional” status located in the lower left part of the window. Remove the check from all of the other status filters.

Created: Displays reservations which have been created within the selected time-period. This can especially be handy when wanting to view all of the reservations which you have created on a specific day!


Room: Display at room level. Rooms are displayed  only once, even if the room is booked for one or more guests. This is useful if you would like to check in all guests for a particular room at the same time.

Guests: Display at guest level. Every guests is listed separately. A room, reserved for several guests, will be displayed more than once (once per guest). Select this option if you would like to check in one guest of a room booked for several guests.

Res./CRS number

In most active lists you can search for the guest’s last name. In the reservation list you can even search for the reservation number. You do not necessarily have to enter the entire name. It is enough to enter  the first (couple of) letter(s) for instance. protel Air then shows you all the guests whose surname or company name begins with this letter.

In the Res./CRS number field, you can also explicitly search for a group number.

Room / Room type

Would you like to see the arrival and departure dates? Or would you like to see information about a room's turnover? This filter will help you. Simply enter the name of the room or room type and the desired list is done.


You can further limit the hit list by only displaying hits with a certain Status, e.g., when only wanting to view definite reservations.

Simply select a check box to filter the results list using one or more statuses.

You can reset the selection by clicking on the "X":

Show additional filters

You can find the following button in many of the active lists:

Click it to add additional filters. Tick the checkbox to select the desired filter.

The filter will then be displayed in the ative lists.

Underlined columns | List elements can be edited "inline"

The contents of columns with underlined column titles can be edited inline.

Learn more about inline editing:

  1. Double-click into the underlined field for the column you would like to edit.

  2. Change the contents of the field into which you have clicked.

  3. Click <Enter> to adopt the changes.


Figure: Change room number inline

Open list-element

Double-click the list-element to open it.


Get active: There are several buttons in the lower part of every list. Here you will be able to see what the editing possibilities are for the respective list. Depending on the list you are using, the buttons displayed may vary.

Figure: Buttons in the arrival list

Every action activated by the respective button is only valid for the entry which you had previously marked i the active list.

Save current list view

As each user has individual preferences for what is to be displayed on the screen, protel Air offers you many possibilities for flexibly customizing the structure of your active lists. For example, you can show or hide any of the columns.

Without having to continually reset your questions, simply save each active list with all of the settings.

  1. Just access the desired list and make all of the necessary changes you require.

  2. Move the mouse pointer over an arbitrary column's header in the list and then click on the little arrow. Select the "Save current list view" entry from the drop-down list.

  3. Select whether the settings are to be saved only for you or for all of the users.

  4. The list view will now be saved, i.e., when opening it next time, the list appears with the column settings which have been last saved.

Save current list view as...

Related Topics: Lists > User defined lists

When using the "Save current list view as", a new list with another name will be saved. You can make unlimited settings and then either save the list as a user defined list or for all the users at the hotel. The following properties can be configures and saved: The column sequence, column width, column sorting, show/hide columns, and filter settings.

How to proceed:

  1. Just access the desired list and make all of the necessary changes you require.

  2. Move the mouse pointer over an arbitrary column's header in the list and then click on the little arrow. Select the "Save current list view as" entry from the drop-down list".

  3. A new window then opens:

  4. Enter a meaningful name for the payment instruction.

  5. As need arises, select a new value for the sorting. For example, if the list is to appear in first position under User defined lists, you will have to use 1.
    If you want to sort the list in alphabetical order, leave the sorting value empty.

  6. Select whether the new list is going to be saved only for you or for all other users. "Only or me" means that only you are able to access the list. "For all users" means that the list is also available for other protel Air users.

  7. The list view will now be saved.

  8. Then, click [OK].

  9. To access the saved list, click on User defined lists in the Lists menu. There you will find the lists divided into areas of application.

Example: Compile a list displaying all of the reservations with the status “non-binding offer” and create a list for the available offers based on this list.

Access saved lists (user defined lists)

In the Lists menu, click on User defined lists.

You then proceed to an overview which displays all of the saved lists in your system. This includes lists which have either been created by you or another user.

>>>> Learn more

Total line

A total line will appear in all of your active lists. The total line includes the total amount of rooms, persons, or Euros. To display the total line, you will have to display the display options of the respective lists in the desired column (e.g., “Room” to display the number of rooms, “Persons” to display the number of persons, “Total” to display the total sum, etc.).

Context menu

For every entry displayed in the active list you can call up the context menu. The context menu provides you with many options for the selected entry.

Learn more in the next chapter: “Program layout | Context menu.